“Your success depends on how competent you are to consistently identify and outwit mindset monsters”.
Linda Boakye is renowned for her expertise and experience in Career and Entrepreneurship Advice. Her magic comes from being incredibly skilled at coaching her clients to have the same mindset and attitudes as the most successful people of our time.
She has an impressive track record of coaching clients to exceed their set goals, secure their dream jobs, fostering intrapreneurship amongst employees and coaching entrepreneurs to build successful and profitable businesses. Working with corporates, educational institutions, charities and individuals, her diverse clientele ranges from professional footballers, various public sector and corporate workers, to students and entrepreneurs.
Linda Boakye comes highly recommended having achieved an impressive success record working with clients worldwide. She recently shared a stage in Los Angeles, California with huge A list celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Gene Simmons and Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak. Linda interviewed the renowned businessman and President of High Point University, Dr. Nido Qubein.
Speaking to over 2500 entrepreneurs and business owners, she shared her giant philanthropic aim of personally impacting 1 million people worldwide in their occupations!
Linda’s work with charities include Young Enterprise, Osei-Kusi Foundation, Global Success, career planning and advice for school pupils, mentorship to startups and World Transformation Day.Linda has been trained by the world’s best including Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, J.T Foxx, T. Harv Eker and John Assaraf. She was awarded the Diana Princess of Wales award for her compassion and influence in transforming the lives of others.
Linda believes that ‘outstanding success is possible for everyone’ and she makes this a reality for all her clients.


it all started like this

A young ambitious misfit, if you will. Imagine a little African girl in the middle of central Accra humming along to the sound of music having barely mastered her mother tongue. Yup, that was me.

Born to equally ambitious misfit parents who committed themselves to the game of “keeping up with the Joneses” when it came to private school education.

Internationally minded in the languages I studied and even in my love interests, the opportunity to move to England was most welcome.

Settling in was clunky at the start, with my life shoved into a 10kg hand luggage. I would soon realise the English I spoke was too slow and out of date in modern UK.

Freedom and abundance came in the form of my choice of subjects to study, opportunities, dreams and my British passport.

At university, I indulged myself with an education in International Business, French and Mandarin. Work experiences in France, China as well as the rediscovery of the inner nomad, I travelled to several countries, with an average of 5 languages running about in my head.

My colourful clothes and personality means I relate to different personalities, ages and cultures. With a keen interest in psychology, people and a natural born helper attitude, I discovered my career coaching purpose through helping my young French flatmates find jobs in England. Et Voila! I’ve never looked back since. Well… I did zig zag a bit, but I’m here now 🙂

As a keen business woman in coaching, property investment and wellbeing, my interests in poetry, live music and all things art give away my hippie tendencies. #sorrynotsorry

I’d describe myself as smiley, uniquely different and unapologetically passionate about materialising my dreams and those of others through coaching.

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